Wei Gao and Nikolaos Bouklas Graduation in December 2014

Suo Group reunion at Houston

Statics in nature: free-body diagram?

2010 Stress Workshop at Dresden, Germany

Spring 2009 at Oden's Ranch

Kevin, Alice, and Rui

Our home at Austin, Texas

Weiwei on Mount Bonnell of Austin

Kevin at Zilker Park of Austin

A rare snow in Texas

A comeback at USTC west campus, with Jilin Yu and Linhui He.

The river and the hills, where I grew up.

The old hometown.

The new hometown.

A pavilion on top.

The rock shoot.

A happy gathering at Lu'an.

Weiwei and Rui at Princeton campus (2001).

Prospect Avenue of Princeton, a scene of Autumn

Butler Apartment of Princeton University, a scene of Winter.

My first car ever, Nissan 200SX, a gift from Jiun-der Yu.

Happily inside his Butler Apartment of Princeton University.