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  1. AAAI 2016 Fall Symposium: Cross-Disciplinary Challenges for Autonomous Systems
  2. Architectural and Algorithmic Solutions for Large-Scale PEV Integration into Power Grids
  3. Autonomous Detection and Assessment with Moving Sensors
  4. Autonomy Protocols: From Human Behavioral Modeling to Correct-By-Construction, Scalable Control
  5. CAREER: Provably Correct Shared Control for Human-Embedded Autonomous Systems
  6. Compositional Verification of Hybrid Systems
  7. Contact
  8. Corrections to be made in the slides
  9. Course description (ASE 396 & CS 395T, Fall 2015)
  10. Data-Driven Cyberphysical Systems
  11. EAGER: Human-Aware Navigation in Populated Indoor Environments
  12. Explainable and Scalable Planning with Probabilistic Temporal Logic Specifications
  13. Exploiting Symmetries in Software for More Robust and Efficient Systems
  14. Flight Control Systems (Spring 2016), ASE 370L
  15. Formal Specification and Correct-by-Construction Synthesis of Control Protocols for Adaptable, Human-Embedded Autonomous Systems
  16. Formal Synthesis of Collaborative Protocols for Joint Learning and Control
  17. Formal Synthesis of Software-Based Control Protocols for Fractionated, Composable Autonomous Systems
  18. Group
  19. High-Confidence, Efficient Learning Under Rich Task Specifications
  20. Hybridizing Learning and Model-Based Planning for Active Perception
  21. Kick-off meeting
  22. Perception-Based, Reactive, Temporal-Logic Planning For Autonomous Deck Operations
  23. Probably Approximately Correct Protocols for Reactive Control and Learning
  24. Publications
  25. Risk-Aware, Human-Cooperative Planning for Autonomous Systems
  26. STTR (Phases I and II): Correct-by-Construction Synthesis for Multi-Vehicle Autonomy Missions
  27. Specification, Synthesis and Verification of Software-Based Control Protocols for Fault-Tolerant Space Systems
  28. Synthesis of Correct-By-Construction Control Protocols for Open, Reconfigurable
  29. Synthesis of Correct-By-Construction Control Protocols for Open, Reconfigurable Shipboard Networks
  30. Workshop accommodation information
  31. Workshop on the Integration of Control Theory, Formal Methods, Learning and Human Factors for Autonomous Systems

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