This summer I am pleased to share stories that offer a glimpse into the remarkable work that our faculty, students and alumni are doing. From the GRACE satellites which just reached their 15-year mark, to technology that integrates humans and robots, to students designing, building and flying aircraft, there are many innovative projects taking place at ASE/EM. I hope you'll take some time to learn about these exciting times in our department.

Amazing GRACE: Celebrating 15 Years in Orbit  
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Ufuk Topcu Receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award Read more
Space Traffic Expert and Former NASA Navigator Moriba Jah Joins UT Austin Read more
Alumnus Startup Company to Create Space-Based Radar Satellites  Read more
Design/Build/Fly Team Competes in International Competition Read more
New Plasma Torch Facility Tests Spacecraft Material 
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Congratulations to the ASE/EM Class of 2017! Read more  and view graduation photos

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